VW's are not only a passion, it's a way of life

The Volkswagen Beetle was introduced to Ceylon at the time in the early fifties with the first consignment of VW Beetles that arrived in 1953. Ceylon at the time was at its infancy as an independent Nation and many a young professionals having obtained their professional qualifications took to the wheel of the new Volkswagen Beetle that became somewhat a “Statement” at the time and we are proud to note of the many individuals who steered the future of Ceylon were in fact owners of Volkswagen Beetles. The Beetle was the firm favorite amongst most professionals and also began the rave for Females who took to the wheel of the dominative Bug due to its light steering and ease of handling. The Fame of the car lead to the expansion of branch operations in the Hill Capital as well. The resounding success of this rear engined Air Cooled mode of transport is evident with the outstanding imports that began in 1953 whereby the local agents having sold over 3500 Beetles within a seven-year period on the eve of import restrictions that was imposed to the island in 1960. This was followed by the later models of the VW 1300 and the much loved VW1303 models that poured in by private importers during the “Closed” Era which was the preferred choice amongst the motor-minded Lankan.

To most owners of Volkswagen Beetles, it is not a mere mode of transportation but a part of the family which is evident looking at the ownership of the car that has served many generations which prompted the formation of the Volkswagen Beetle Owners’ club, Sri Lanka.


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The VW Beetle Owners' Club was formed by a group of owners and enthusiast's in 1996. At present the membership stands at over two hundred and fifty and the number continues to grow with membership of both young and old who come together at the annual events held by the Club. Each year the club holds an annual drive called "The Pride of Ownership Drive” which is held in the first quarter of the year that brings about immense interest as the drive comprises of the same vehicle in different shades of colours which makes it way along the city center to location out of Colombo which is a much awaited eye-catching event to the general public. In addition, the Club celebrates the World Volkswagen Day each year. The Club as a CSR project has worked closely with the United Nations to create Aids awareness and partnered at an event to prevent the spread of AIDS whereby giving awareness on a “Peoples Issue” in a “Peoples Car”

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The Pride of Ownership Drive

Held last Sunday of March, The traditional start from the Hilton Colombo to a location out of the city limits.

World VW Day

Held on the Sunday closest to the 22nd of June. Traditional start is from Galle Face Hotel and parade to Mount Lavinia hotel for grand finale.

Annual General Meeting

Traditionally we hold the AGM in October or November.

Year End Celebration

An evening parade followed by the fellowship dinner held in December.

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